Say No to AIDS

Mental health challenges can negatively affect our quality of life, and it is so important that we know this. If we are struggling with these, it is important to seek psychosocial support. Firstly, let’s explore the meaning of the word “psychosocial”.


What Does Psychosocial Mean?

The word “psychosocial” refers to the interactions of the mind and soul of a person with their environment and external relationships.

What Is Psychosocial Support?

Psychosocial support refers to services which include, but are not limited to, counselling, adherence support, assistance with attending clinic appointments and other social welfare services.

Why Is This Important To PLHIV?

These types of support help people living with HIV to adhere to treatment, engage in healthy behaviours, preserve and create healthy relationships and regularly attend treatment sites.

How Can I Access This Type Of Support?

You can begin by engaging with your Dream Team at the Treatment site. The social worker there can be very helpful in supporting you through different forms of psychosocial distress. If you wish, you can also access private care. Some NGOs also have social workers who provide support as well.

If you are struggling with inner pain or distress, as well as unhealthy coping behaviours such as substance abuse and dependence, please feel free to reach out.

If you think you may be depressed, and are having thoughts of self-harm, or suicide, please call Lifeline. Their contact numbers are 800-5588 | 866-5433 | 220-3636

You can learn more about their 24/7 services on their website: