Say No to AIDS

How HIV can affect couples and the ways we can protect our partners and ourselves.

As PLHIV, we want to continue to live happy, healthy emotional and sexual lives. There is no reason that you should be denied the fulfillment of the types of relationships that you desire. If you and your partner are a
discordant couple, that is a couple where one person is positive and the other is negative, there are methods that can be used to ensure that you both remain safe. People living with HIV can take ART medication to become undetectable, and partners of PLHIV can take medication known as PrEP to prevent HIV infection.



In this section, we will cover how the medication to prevent getting HIV works, how HIV-positive and HIV-negative couples are affected by the virus, and the risks of developing a drug-resistant strain of HIV.

Please choose from one of the following topics of interest:

  1. How Does PrEP Work?
  2. Discordant Couples
  3. Superinfection Risks
  4. Other STIs



Pill Burden