Say No to AIDS

Undetectable = Untransmittable

Local NGO, the Patient Advocate Mission (PAM) officially signed onto the U=U Campaign! With their sign-on in February 2020 they joined 970 other organizations that are supporting and promoting the life-changing U=U message, and Trinidad and Tobago became the 101st country with organizations signed onto the Campaign.

‘U’ represents a few different things on this page, and while it can get confusing, they all center on you, a person living with HIV, thriving through this diagnosis, and living a long and healthy life.

U=U means that people with HIV who achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load—the amount of HIV in the blood—by taking Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) daily as prescribed cannot sexually transmit the virus to others. Thus, treatment for HIV is a powerful arrow in the quiver of HIV prevention tools. In early 2016, the Undetectable=Untransmissible (U=U) slogan was launched by the Prevention Access Campaign to promote the finding. The campaign has been rapidly gathering momentum, having been endorsed by more than 400 organizations from 60 different countries since its launch