Say No to AIDS

Trusted family members and friends can provide you with much needed support. When you share your HIV status with a friend or family member, they may have many different reactions, so take some time to decide who you would like to trust and open up to for support, and remember your confidante may need some time to adjust to your news.

Disclosure/Telling People Your HIV Status



What you require is healthy SUPPORT. This is what you deserve and nothing less. The characteristics of an effective supporter are outlined below using the acronym S.U.P.P.O.R.T. If you can’t find these characteristics or you don’t feel comfortable, please note that the treatment sites and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) can help.

A note for friends and family: if you are the trusted person who a person living with HIV has chosen for support, the list below will help you to be effective in your support and motivation of your loved one on their journey as it highlights the characteristics of an effective supporter.

S-Sensitive - The people who support you should be sensitive to your feelings and appreciate your needs.

U- Understanding - The people who support you should understand your treatment journey and what is needed for you to preserve your health.

P-Patient - The people who support you should be patient with you in your journey.It is okay for you to struggle and they should be kind to you as you journey.

P-Practical - The people who support you should be practical.They should be able to offer you realistic strategies and advice.

O-Openness - The people who support you should not be judgmental. They should be open to listen to your ups, downs, highs and lows.

R- Role Models - The people who support you should set a good example for you to follow. They too should be committed to health and wellbeing.

T-Timely - The people who support you should be able to respond to you within a reasonable time frame.

Reflect On

What SUPPORT Looks Like

As you reflect on what SUPPORT looks like, take a look at the videos below by Eswick Padmore and Cyrus Sylvester.