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A discordant couple is a couple in which one partner is living with HIV and the other is not. Couples who are discordant can still have very fulfilling lives and enjoy a healthy sex life, if they use protection. In addition, adherence to medication, achieving an undetectable viral load, and the use of PrEP can also prevent transmission.


What Is A Discordant Couple?

Despite the fact that discordant couples can live very normal lives, they still may experience some challenges. According to research done by Coleman-Sarfo and DeGraft Klo (2017), the following are some of the challenges:

  • They experience a fear of infecting their children.
  • They experience a fear of losing their jobs if the infection is discovered.
  • They experience stigma from family and friends.
  • They experience a fear of dying.

Though these are very real concerns, many of these challenges can be addressed by ensuring that you have a strong support network and remain consistent with medication.The fears are also completely understandable, and feel free to discuss them with your social worker who is a critical part of your Dream Team.

Hearing the reality of an actual discordant couple is very helpful to developing your own perspective. View the video below to see how a discordant couple has experienced their journey together:

If you or your partner wishes to speak with someone on the National HIV Helpline call 800-4HIV or 800-4448. (This is a toll-free number)

You are not alone. #youarenotalonett

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