Say No to AIDS

Identifying your personal and professional support network as you navigate life with HIV.

As you explore the dynamics of living with HIV, you may recognise the need for persons and communities to support you and provide you with the quality of care that you truly deserve. These people can be called your “Dream Team.”



The members of your Dream Team include:
  1.  Doctors, social workers and others at treatment sites
  2.  Family and Friends
  3.  Non-Governmental (non-profit) Organizations
  4.  Spiritual Support / Religious Leaders


HIV Treatment Sites consist of medical professionals, with whom you will interact. Please note that even as you interact with them, you have rights which should be respected and are outlined in this section. You will also be given some guidance on helpful questions to ask at these sites.

In addition to Treatment Sites, your family and friends should provide you with the type of support that is needed. However, receiving support does not mean that you are not entitled to boundaries. You get to decide with whom you wish to disclose your HIV status. This will also be covered in this section.

Please choose from one of the following topics of interest:

  1. What Is A Treatment Site?
  2. Patient Rights
  3. Questions To Ask At The Treatment Site
  4. Building Your Support Network
  5. NGOs And The HIV-positive Community
  6. Disclosure: Sharing My HIV Status With Others
  7. HIV Related Stigma And Discrimination
  8. Personal Stories From People Living With HIV