Say No to AIDS

We examined health and its contributors in another section. Now that you understand what these mean, it is important that we delve into the meaning of health literacy.


What Is Health Literacy?

Health Literacy refers to the ability to get, and understand health information so that you can make health decisions that are in your best interest. It means that you can:

  • Follow instructions on how to take your medication
  • Ask questions during your doctor’s visits
  • Understand nutrition labels

Why Is Health Literacy Important To PLHIV?

When there is a gap between what you know and what you need to know, it can lead to:

Health literacy is the foundation of success for every doctor-patient interaction, every prescription, every diagnosis and every treatment.

It is important that, as patients, you are able to understand what is going on with your treatment, what your diagnosis means, and what you are putting into your body, so that you can preserve your well-being and take care of yourself.

  • Worsening health conditions
  • Poor self care
  • More doctor or hospital visits and stays
  • Higher medical costs